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We Survived the Novice Olympics

Novice eventing at the Florida Horse Park

Earlier this year, my coach Lauren Turner of River Birch Farm offered to put together a field trip to Florida for her team. I had so much fun wintering in Ocala last year that I said yes, of course! We hauled down to our ten-day temporary home at Wise Horses Farm (owned by Olympian Ronald […]

Better Together, Eventers-Turned-Entrepreneurs: Ride Heels Down & Mare Modern Goods Prove Community is Stronger than Competition

RK3DE Eventing Apparel

REPUBLISHED FROM OUR FRIENDS AT THE UNITED STATES EVENTING ASSOCIATION. As a sport, eventing is inherently competitive. Riders compete against other riders on the hunt for wins, qualifying scores, and upgrade points while simultaneously competing against themselves as they work towards improved dressage scores and cleaner jump rounds. When it comes to business, though, eventers-turned-entrepreneurs […]

Runnin’ in the Rain

Novice eventing at Poplar Place Farm

Well, we just wrapped up another great eventing weekend and JJ stepped up once again to leave me smiling after it was all said and done. After getting his clipping catastrophe straightened out a few days before to prepare for the forecasted warm weekend, we hauled down to Poplar Place Farm on Friday morning. My […]

The Clipping Catastrophe

horse clipping catastrophe

It’s always a good idea to leave things until the last minute, right? Something about “sink or swim,” or “do or die,” or “trial by fire” blah blah blah… Well, today I learned how to body clip and JJ was my test dummy. We have an event coming up this weekend (SO EXCITED!) and JJ […]

Plan B: Do a CT

United States Pony Clubs ribbon

Since our last Novice 3-phase was eight months ago, I was seriously looking forward to getting back out there again and working towards moving up to Training. But, alas, my plans seemingly never work out anymore and I had to convert entry fees into vendor fees at Poplar Place Farm a couple weeks ago when […]

Training for Training

Eventer stadium jumps

Now that we’re done with Beginner Novice and Novice is coming easily, we’re working towards our goal of moving up to Training! A few months ago when my awesome coach had the opportunity to purchase her own farm, I was left trainer-less. My riding buddy, Mary Campbell of Mare Goods, put together fab new jumps […]