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MRI Results: We’re Sitting Out the Season

JJ at the UGA Vet Hospital

Well, JJ’s mystery lameness is no longer a mystery – we have a diagnosis! It’s not the best news, but it definitely isn’t terrible, and it certainly could be a lot worse, so I’m grateful that it is what it is and that I’m able to finally get him the help he needs. :) We […]

Looking at Lineage: JJ’s Famous Family

Baby JJ Spot APHA Paint Horse Gelding

After several months (and several thousand dollars) of vet visits with no diagnosis to explain his recent mystery lameness, I made the decision to put JJ on 30 days of stall rest. That has now come and gone, and he was neither better nor worse at the end of it. Currently, we’re waiting for an […]

Coronavirus Stall Rest Champions

Coronavirus Stall Rest Champion t-shirt

CLICK HERE TO READ PART 1 Still hunting for what could be causing JJ’s mystery lameness (since late February, and it’s almost May now – ugh!) I kept going. This is where I start to get a little upset… please remember that there are always two sides to every story – and I’m sure the […]

Lamest Quarantine Ever: Good Timing for Bad News

coffin joint injections

After the crazy situation that caused me to fall off on cross country at our last Horse Trials, and being snowed-out of the schooling show that followed, I was determined to get to another event and put the bad juju behind us. I registered us for a horse trials at Chattahoochee Hills, but the weather […]

S[no]w Show: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

snow forecast for Atlanta in February 2020

“Should I stay or should I go now? If I go, there will be trouble, and if I stay it will be double.” -The Clash The Clash is one of my favorite old punk rock bands, and their song “Should I Stay or Should I Go” perfectly represented how I felt about the my next […]

Stable View Déjà Vu

Novice eventing at Stable View in Aiken, SC

Last January, we ran our first ever Novice 3-phase at Stable View in Aiken, SC and it was absolutely freezing cold. The high was in the low 30*s and I remember being so miserable that I told myself I was not doing that Horse Trials again. Nope. Not ever. No thank you. …Then Stable View […]

From First Flight to Hilltopper: Our First Hunter Pace

pulled shoe

Our first hunter pace was so much fun, until it wasn’t. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother making plans anymore, because the Universe so clearly does not want me to succeed. A few days ago, I checked the forecast for this weekend. I was all caught up on work from my day job, JJ […]

JJ’s Sunflower Session with Sweet Fresno

Horse in a sunflower field

I’ve always drooled over the pretty pictures my friends’ post on social media of them and their horses, beautifully posed and looking like magazine stars. Several years back, I met a local equestrian photographer here in Atlanta, Erin Wheeler of Sweet Fresno Photography, and her signature style quickly became a favorite of mine. I had […]