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Making the Move-Up (Our First Training CT)

Well, the day finally came – we made the move-up! It was only a Training CT to start (because reasons) but… WE SURVIVED! Leading up to the event, it didn’t stop raining. Ever. At all. It’s been raining in Atlanta non-stop for 37 years. I’m so tired of being wet… We hadn’t jumped in a […]

Hunter Wisdom from Buck Davidson

Coach Lauren Turner of River Birch Farm arranged for us to have a private clinic with legendary international event rider Buck Davidson while we’re here hanging out in Florida and JJ and I were lucky enough to be able to attend! Yesterday afternoon, we trailered over to Buck’s beautiful barn and got going with our […]

Better Together, Eventers-Turned-Entrepreneurs: Ride Heels Down & Mare Modern Goods Prove Community is Stronger than Competition

REPUBLISHED FROM OUR FRIENDS AT THE UNITED STATES EVENTING ASSOCIATION. As a sport, eventing is inherently competitive. Riders compete against other riders on the hunt for wins, qualifying scores, and upgrade points while simultaneously competing against themselves as they work towards improved dressage scores and cleaner jump rounds. When it comes to business, though, eventers-turned-entrepreneurs […]