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We’re Great at Being Average (Area III Champs Recap)

2019 USEA Area III Championships at Poplar Place Farm

I just got home from the USEA Area III Championships at Poplar Place Farm and it was definitely a weekend of ups and downs. Metaphorically, that is. I didn’t actually fall off this time. ;) A month ago, I went to Poplar to run the May Horse Trials at Novice to “prep” for this event […]

Putting the “Rain” in Training

Training level eventing at Chatt Hills

Although it was originally supposed to be our first Training 3-Phase, I’m happy to say that our second Training CT is in the books! The week before, coach Lauren Turner got the flu (poor girl!) and was laid up in bed during our usual Tuesday lesson. Thinking back to the last time I suffered the […]

From Observer to Eventer in 5 Short Months… at age 47.

Susan Shu adult eventer

Written by Susan Shu, observer-turned-eventer. After years of driving my daughter (the talented and lovely Catherine Shu) to the barn, shows, clinics, camps, AND learning how to handle horses, that dressage is very difficult and not just riding in circles, how to pick hooves, stand for the farrier and vet, give meds, drive a trailer, […]

Susan Shu & “Saint JJ” Tackle the Amoeba Challenge

Susan Shu adult eventer

After watching us have a particularly fun jump lesson back in October, Susan Shu, one of the barn moms at Beaumont Farm, approached me with a surprising (and incredibly flattering) question: she wanted to know if she could ride JJ in Poplar Place Farm‘s next “Seasoned and Sexy Amoeba Challenge”. Of course, my immediate response […]

Making the Move-Up (Our First Training CT)

Training eventing stadium jumping at Poplar Place Farm

Well, the day finally came – we made the move-up! It was only a Training CT to start (because reasons) but… WE SURVIVED! Leading up to the event, it didn’t stop raining. Ever. At all. It’s been raining in Atlanta non-stop for 37 years. I’m so tired of being wet… We hadn’t jumped in a […]

Fitness Training for Training

equestrian fitness

Now that I’m in my mid-30s (ugh) I’m noticing that I can’t shed weight quite as quickly as when I was younger. Plus, combined with the fact that my lungs suck at being lungs (I hate you, asthma) I figured it was time to focus on fitness if I’m going to get to Training… Normally, […]

The Florida Finale

Novice eventing dressage at Rocking Horse Farm in Ocala, Florida

After spending over a week in fabulous Florida competing, riding with greats like Buck Davidson, having epic flat lessons, and working on our weaknesses, it was time to put it all together with the grand finale with one last USEA Novice 3-phase event. When I was in Florida last January, I competed at Rocking Horse […]