Ride Heels Down Equestrian Apparel and Accessories
Ride Heels Down Equestrian Apparel and Accessories

Cute Horseback Riding T-Shirts & More from Ride Heels Down

Thanks for visiting Ride Heels Down and taking a look at our cute horseback riding t-shirts, apparel, and accessories!

My name is Ainsley and I started this small equestrian apparel business in 2015 thanks to inspiration from my horse, JJ. To read more about that story, please click here.

Ride Heels Down is based out of Atlanta, Georgia, and we stock fun equestrian t-shirts for eventers, hunter-jumpers, dressage riders, and more. We also have lots of great horse-themed gifts for your riding coach, trainer, or barn bestie. :)

Please take a look around the site and use the Messenger feature to get in touch if you have any questions – I’m always here and happy to help you find the perfect riding apparel!

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