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JJ’s First Trip to the Beach

JJ at the beach

Part 2 of our Charleston, SC road trip adventure! Sometimes it’s fun to get out of the arena and try something new – whether that’s a new discipline, or a drastic change of scenery. As our Go With It Farm horsey road-trip adventure weekend of awesomeness began winding down, we hauled our ponies to the […]

Dressage Clinic in Charleston, Chew on That!

Dressage in Charleston, SC

Part 1 of our Charleston, SC road trip adventure! To say “thank you” to some of her most dedicated clients and students, my trainer, Halliea Milner, organized a horsey-vacation trip to Charleston, SC! We loaded 16 horses into 4 trailers in the pouring rain, and set out for several days of fun. Our temporary home-base […]

We Are Officially Novice Eventers!

Novice Eventing at Poplar Place Farm

After our fairly decent off-farm Novice CT debut in November, I was feeling good about moving up to Novice 3-phase for 2016. Bright and early on January 1st, we headed over to Go With It Farm to load up the trailer and drive down to Poplar Place Farm. We arrived at Poplar, set up our […]

No Stirrups Novice?

Ainsley and JJ dressage

It’s no secret at Go With It Farm that I’m totally addicted to horse showing. I’m the cheerleader (instigator?) who tries to get as many other people involved as possible. So, when we have a farm show, I’m usually the first to sign up! GWIF’s December farm show served as our last event of 2015, […]

Our First Novice CT Event!

Ainsley Jacobs and JJ Spot, Eventing at Poplar Place Farm

The American flag: from our worst enemy to our best jump, we’ve come full circle! The Beginner Novice height of 2’7? has been easy for us for a long, long time – it was everything else that was a struggle. Now that we’ve found our groove, I decided it was time to screw things up […]

2015 Reserve Champion in Beginner Novice at Chatt Hills!

Ainsley Jacobs and JJ Spot, Eventing at Chatt Hills

I started my 2015 eventing season with an unspoken goal – I wanted to win some year-end award stuff. Let’s face it – you can take the girl out of the hunters, but you can’t take the hunters out of the girl. Awards were, and still are, a big deal to me! Chatt Hills has […]

I Had Lunch with George Morris! (Kinda)

George Morris Clinic at Blackjack Farms

After months of waiting, wishing, and hoping, much like a child does in anticipation of Christmas morning, I got the news that I was not selected to ride in the George Morris clinic at Blackjack Farms. So, I did what any reasonable fangirl, er, horseperson would do – I went to audit! My two best […]

Back to Poplar for Some Much-Needed Redemption

Eventing at Poplar Place Farm

Ever since JJ spooked and stopped at the American flag jump at Poplar in July, I’ve been equal parts excited to go back, and terrified to go back. I knew one day I’d have to face my fears and try that jump again, and this was the weekend we made it happen. A small group […]

Combined Training is Like an Eventing Vacation

Ainsley Jacobs and JJ Spot, Eventing at Oxer Farm

I got a new(ish) dressage saddle recently. I realized that even if we go double clear in our jump rounds, we’ll need to improve our dressage scores if we want to actually do well and be competitive. As JJ’s jump saddle is totally awesome but also too big for me, I decided I needed to […]